NACHA membership is open to any person eighteen years of age or more, interested in the stated objectives of the article. Membership fee is the primary source of income and membership is the most important asset for NACHA. Membership has been broadly categorized as Paid Membership (Beneficiary, Regular Annual Membership) and Non Paid Membership. We whole-heartedly encourage you to be a part of this organization.


How to become a Member

  1. Sign up in NACHA Website:  http: //
  2. Understand and Acknowledge Statement of Rights.
  3. Pay the membership fee through PayPal, Application or by check, please contact NACHA Treasurer via email:


Membership Types

The following membership types are available. Membership form is available from NACHA website. Annual members are requested to renew their annual membership or upgrade their membership by - December 31st to keep continuity. Annual members that do not renew their membership within one-month grace period (by January 31st) would lose their membership benefits. For any membership questions please contact NACHA Treasurer.


Type of Membership (Duration)

Category ( 2024) proposed fee- subjected to review)



Single (1 year)



Family* (1 year)



Full-Time University Student*** (1 year)




 *  Family Membership will be applicable to Spouse and immediate children.

** Dollar Value indicate absolute dollar value irrespective of exchange rate between US and Canada

Membership Year
Annual membership is valid through NACHA Fiscal Year (January 1st through December 31st). Members who join in months close to the end of December 31st should keep in mind that their membership will expire on December 31st, thus NACHA encourages its members to join in early to get full year?s benefit. One can become an Annual Member between January 1st through December 31st of the NACHA membership year otherwise it will be applicable for membership cycle.






Member?s Role

Please see our Constitution & Bylaws to fully understand the terms and conditions of membership in NACHA.

As a member of NACHA you have a significant role for the success and reputation of the organization. You have many rights and duties towards the organization. Your rights are included in the benefits section. However, rights do not come handy, they come with responsibilities. Please be aware of the following responsibilities.

Note: Membership in NACHA is voluntary, i.e., on at-will basis. NACHA will not be legally responsible for any member?s personal problems with other members or dissatisfaction with the organization.

As a good member, you should:

         Read NACHA constitution and by-laws and this handbook, and be familiar with NACHA procedures, benefits, rules and regulations.

         Always remember the member?s promise and adhere to the values. Respect every member; and always stay within the ethical limits, be sincere to pass on any comments/suggestions/evaluations of NACHA and its activities to authorized people.

         When you plan to share your views on NACHA with a large group of people, such as Facebook Group make sure you are addressing every member in that group. If your message is not able to address the whole group, then please consider sending it to which it would fit. Please discuss the issues, not the people.

         Be vigilant for NACHA activities. If you see something is not done that should be done, please bring it to the attention of the respective authorities.

         If you see any mistakes by some officials/members, please bring it to their attention without sending public comments with inappropriate adjectives.

         Give authorities enough time to respond. At least one week must be given for initial response.

         Participate in discussions, NACHA activities and help NACHA prosper and Vote in every election

         As a member you have the right to nominate efficient NACHA members for various positions.

         As a member you can nominate able members for various awards. If you find somebody that deserves recognition, please exercise your duty.

         Attend NACHA convention, participate in convention activities, volunteer if requested to volunteer, support the convention financially as well as physically.

         If you reside in a place that has a local chapter, please become a member of the local chapter and be involved in local chapter activities.

         Always work so that you contribute towards honor, happiness and health of NACHA. Please check the responsibilities/duties in various NACHA roles and if you play in a role, play it effectively.


Member Ethics
Members constitute the core of the organization. Thus member ethics are highly important for the identity of the organization and the identity of Chhattisgarh culture. We thus request all the members to maintain high ethical standard in all business related to their NACHA involvement.

         Respect, Respect, Respect. Respect each other member, respect yourself and respect the organization, its rules, its procedures and its standards.

         Public Communications: While publicizing NACHA events such as Annual Convention, cultural performances, achievement of NACHA members and NACHA developmental activities in other mediums are highly recommended, we expect members to strictly limit the discussion of any NACHA issues to NACHA forum only, and absolutely do not discuss NACHA issues in other forums. While discussing NACHA issues in NACHA forums such as NACHA FB, please discuss issues only, not individuals.

         Representing NACHA: Unless authorized by NACHA executives, please refrain from representing NACHA and giving public statements on behalf of NACHA.

         Conflicts of Interest: There are many activities that have the potential for conflicts of interest. You may do something without being aware of its relationship to some types of conflicts. Please take quick action to correct any errors.

         Personal Bias: You may have personal bias, liking or disliking for specific NACHA members. Please do not let that become a factor to influence your judgment in organizational matters. Please be objective while judging issues and analyze facts, not the people.

         NACHA Events: We expect every member to be respectful to other members in every NACHA event and NACHA medium. Please be assertive in stating your concerns and giving comments/suggestions. Please use proper gesture, tone and words.

         Appropriate Behavior: NACHA urges its members to behave professionally and appropriately in all NACHA events, forum discussions and communications. Ethical violation includes behavior such as derogatory remarks, chain emails with uncivilized language, character assassination, harassment letters, lawsuits, physical harm and actions of similar nature.

         Nurture the Organization: Nurture our organization to grow. Be caring for 2nd and 3rd generation CG and the new immigrants from CG.


Address Update

If your name or address is not appeared correctly in the latest NACHA directory or if you want to make any changes, please follow the procedure outlined in the membership update document. You can also contact NACHA treasurer or your local chapter president. You may send us an email too.


Process Flow

  1. A person intending to be a new member completes membership in the
  2. Member make payment and send email to payment confirmation to treasurer/Secretary (
  3. The treasurer/Secretary acknowledge the payment, sends acknowledgment email to the member with copies to the Executive Team and Regional Head that the membership process is complete and assign membership number.
  4. The above processes may take 2-3 weeks. After a member is accepted, entered to the database


All the new members will be welcomed in our newsletter that would be published after they become members


Paid Membership Benefits

Benefits of NACHA membership

Please see our Constitution & Bylaws to fully understand the terms and conditions of membership in NACHA. Here are a few of the ways you can benefit by becoming a member.

All the following benefits are available to NACHA Paid Members. Non-Paid members  are requested to upgrade their membership to avail all the membership benefits. The major benefits of NACHA membership is more  psychological than material. It?s the satisfaction of belonging, being a part of our community and cultural identity.

Following are benefits for NACHA members:

  Vote in election and other NACHA matters

  Get concession in attending convention, chapter events etc

  Can nominate people for awards and be nominated for awards

  Can run for chapter office all positions (should reside within chapter boundary)

  Can run for NACHA National office (Beneficiary)

  Can initiate fundraising for good causes through NACHA

  Can participate of any initiative taken by NACHA.

  Can get official notification about any action taken by Executive communities OF NACHA.

  Request for Government /Media help to support any diplomatic issue







Cancellation Process:

Registered member can cancel the membership anytime by sending email to If member requests to cancel within 30 days since registration, the whole amount will be refunded to member. Refund process will take 2 months to process. If any member wants to cancel the membership after 30 days then membership will be cancelled but NACHA will not refund the membership free to any member.



Discounts for NACHA Membership Card Holders

NACHA is trying to partner with leading, recognized retailers and service providers for the benefits for NACHA members both locally (US and Canada) and with major cities in Chhattisgarh. Members will be able to save with some of the hotels, restaurants, resorts and retailers with NACHA?s member discount program. This will be on-going process to get more benefit added for members. During 2018, team will try to get as much benefits.