Membership Benefits

Benefits of NACHA membership

Please see our Statement of Member Rights and Privileges to fully understand the terms and conditions of membership in NACHA. Here are a few of the ways you can benefit by becoming a member.

All the following benefits are available to NACHA permanent members (life members, patrons, benefactors). Annual and 5-yr members are requested to upgrade their membership to avail all the membership benefits. The major benefit of NACHA membership is more psychological than material. It’s the satisfaction of belonging, being a part of our community and cultural identity.

Following are benefits for NACHA members:

  1. Vote in election and other NACHA matters
  2. Get concession in attending convention
  3. Get annual souvenir and directory in book format or CD format (for permanent members)
  4. Can nominate people for awards (permanent NACHA members)
  5. Can be nominated for awards (permanent NACHA members)
  6. Can run for chapter office all positions (should reside within chapter boundary) (for permanent members)
  7. Can run for NACHA National office (permanent NACHA members)
  8. Can initiate fundraising for good causes through NACHA
  9. Children are eligible for awards and cultural participation
  10. Have networking facilities (now through NACHAnet – in future networking facilities may change
  11. Discounts through use of Membership Card (for permanent members)

NACHA has partnered with leading, recognized retailers and service providers, such as Crown, Mayfairs, Toshali Sands Resorts, Holiday Resorts, Khimji Jewellers, Priyadarsini, Kalamandir, Raymond Shop and Van Heusen and Allen Solly. We are also working on our propNACHAls for Lalchand Jewellers, Epari Govindam and Meher among others. We hope you are going to use these benefits during your visit to India.

Following discount rates are applicable for NACHA membership card holders.