Ashok Upadhyay


Ashok Upadhyay lives in Manalapan, New Jersey with his wife Ruhi , 15 years old son Ayush, and 19 years old daughter Tanushi. Ashok belongs to Raipur , Chhattisgarh and has done his MCA from NIT Raipur

Papihaa Nandy

NACHA International board as an Advisor

Papiha Nandy is the founder and CEO of a radio and a television company in USA named PNBC (Papiha Nandy Broadcasting Co.) which is based in Silicon Valley, California. She has been serving the Bay Area for over 34 years and has established herself as a reputable, trustworthy and successful person. She has a huge presence in the media and broadcasting field and has a large following. Also as a community activist, she is deeply involved in the welfare of the community and hosts talk shows on community & social welfare topics to empower women as well as for the betterment of the society. Papiha Nandy, also founded Bal Bharti Indo-American Cultural Academy in 1989 in the USA. An institution for young and adults to learn Indian languages, classical music, and dances with many locations in Bay Area. As part of the academy, she leads the talent development initiatives and organizational design of the curriculum, admissions and marketing functions. Papiha Nandy, is currently the Executive Director of Lead In Heels, an organization to empower women through STEM. She is exemplary in her leadership roles and has served on the Executive Board of Directors at Prabasi, VP-Media at Federation of Indian Associations, VP-Media at FIBA (Federation of Indo-Americans of Bay Area). Served as President with Premdaan as well had represented many organizations under her wings. Papiha Nandy is a successful candidate who is a proven leader who works well in a professional environment and is excited to be part of a collaborative team, and cares for Chhatisgarh and its people. Some of her interests are in philanthropy, politics, education, technology, fundraising, traveling, reading, socialize with like-minded people and high achievers in their respective fields, cooking, gardening, volunteering, movies, art, music, and dance.

Govind Agrawal

NACHA International board as an Advisor

Mr. Govind Agrawal was born in Lakhanpur India in a merchant family and was one of seven children. In 1979, he moved to Houston, Texas in pursuit of opportunity with his brothers and cousins. Govind and Renu are blessed with a great family and have three loving children. Manish, Govind’s oldest son, graduated from the Harvard Business School with an MBA and is currently developing his own restaurant chain; Manjul completed his MBA from Cornell University and joined the family business to work in real estate development; and his youngest daughter Shipra is an optometrist in Houston. Business History At first, Govind and his wife, Renu, worked odd jobs, simultaneously balancing education and the needs of a growing family. Eventually, Govind was able to save enough money to buy his first Subway restaurant in 1989. Govind and his wife Renu worked tirelessly to grow their business to 25 stores by the year 2000. At present, they have over 300 retail outlets across several unique concepts. Philanthropic Pursuits Govind and Renu have been very active in the Indo-American community in Houston as well as giving back to their village in Chhattisgarh, India. They have always been an advocate for health, medical, and educational advancements, and over the course of 20 years have been able to fund projects that are in line with their vision. In Houston, Govind has donated to a variety of causes including but not limited to Patanjali Yogapeeth, Indo-American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston (IACCGH), India House, the MD Anderson Research Center, and sits as a founding member of the Agrawal Association of Houston, Texas. In India, he has built and donated extra accommodation in both boys and girls Govt schools of Lakhanpur village. He has facilitated extra accommodation and rest rooms at Sarasvati Shishu Mandir in Lakhanpur. He has funded the development of an outpatient facility in Ambikapur Govt hospital. His most significant contribution has been the Engineering college in Lakhanpur. He envisioned a college that would shape the lives of aspiring students and give them the opportunity to earn an education. His vision became a reality in 2011, and he donated his completed project to the state government. The donation ceremony was held in honorary presence of at the time Governor Hon. Mr Shekhar Dutt and Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh. The institute now has over a thousand students enrolled with more than 250 Engineers graduating every year. Govind and his family continue to be involved in the development of the college and most recently funded the formation of a Student activity group in the institute.

Chandrakant Patel

NACHA International board as an Advisor

Chandra Patel is President of Axon Circuit, Inc, Tampa Florida. A Manufacturer of PCB, with 45 employees. Shri Chandrakant Patel is the Past President of Overseas Friends of BJP (OFBJP) in USA, which is a major Chapter of BJP outside India. Shri Chandrakant Patel is a prominent community leader of the Indian Diaspora in USA and has been leading several ethnic Indian organizations, Founding president and board member of FIA (Federation of Indian Association) of Tampa Bay, Former President of Sanatan Mandir Tampa, and other Charity trusts in various capacities. His services to the society are well noted in US as well as in India. He Organizes yearly Visa camps for the Indian immigrants in US, does charity work for socially deprived and orphaned children in India, and distributes free blankets annually to needy and poor people in India for the last 38 years. He also runs Girl’s hostels through “Seva Bharati” for poor in his home state of Chhattisgarh.Shri Chandrakant Patel hails from Chhattisgarh, born in tribal area of Manendragarh-Chirmiri. He did MA, LLB from Raipur and practiced law before emigrating to US, 29 years ago. He currently lives in the city of Tampa in Florida, in the USA with his wife and two well-educated daughters, a lawyer and a physician. He is an entrepreneur running an Electronics and microchip manufacturing business called Axon Circuit, Inc. However, he never forgot his homeland and recognized the importance of education in his remote tribal District and established and “Arts and Commerce College” taught up to PG level courses and a “Nursing College” in his Mother’s name providing free education to poor girls in his home district (Korea). Since his childhood days he got involved in social and political arena in India. He held several positions serving BJP such as District General Secretary and City President: Secretary of Netaii Subhash Manch of Madhya Pradesh and more. He has been serving as patron of Manava Adhikar Aayog in Madhya Pradish and now in Chhattisgarh since 1985, an organization that conducts seminars, patriotic kavi sammelans and gives annual rewards to honest and dedicated bureaucrats and police officers. He sponsors and organizes religious kathas every year in his home district inviting great religious figures such as Sadhvi Ritambara, Mridul Krishna Sastry etc. Awards: 1) 2005-Chattisgarh Govt. awarded Chhattisgarh Pravasi award. Chief guests were Late Shri Bhairav Singh Shekavat, Governor Chattisgarh – Shri K.M Seth and Chief minister Shri raman Singh ji.) 2) Madhya Pradesh – Chhattisgarh Manava Adhikar award 3) Netaji Subhash Bose award 4) Outstanding Service Award from Federation of Indian American (FIA)-the largest Indian association In the US 5) Community Service Award from AACSA 6) Outstanding Contribution Award from OFBJP-USA 7) Outstanding community service Award from Florida Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (FAPI)

Satyapal Singh Chhabra

NACHA International board as an Advisor

Satyapal is founder principal of iDeliver Technologies that is one of the premier Micro Focus reseller, support and services company in US based out of Dallas with offshore in Bilaspur, CG, San Jose, Costa Rica. Prior to starting iDeliver in 2009, Satyapal worked Hewlett Packard and formerly Mercury Interactive on various customer facing roles in testing technology space. He has over 25 years of IT experience and living in US since 1995. Satyapal grew up in many parts of C.G owing to his father’s transferable job in MP forest then. He did his B.E. from Nagpur University before coming to USA in 1995. Satyapal lives in Celina, TX with his wife Josita and two daughters Simran (18) and Avani (15). He is proud army dad as his son Akash (20) is active army service man. Satyapal is an active playing member of US National cricket team for over 50 and keeps himself busy with league cricket in North Texas region

Vasant Naik

NACHA International board as an Advisor

Vasant Naik is from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, He had done his schooling and Graduation from Bhilai, then completed MS (Masters in computer science) from Nagpur - Maharashtra). He has worked as Sr. officer in Technology with Raymond's India. He has been working in the USA since 1999. During his work in the USA, he has worked in wall-street with TIAA-CREF and JPMorgan as Sr. executives - Technology. He is a proud citizen of the USA. *Community Involvement* • Committeeperson Of District 33 - Edison for the third term on ballet paper • Board or director/trustee of Cable network of Edison Town. • Ex. Chairman of Edison Democratic Party for two-term • Ex. President of Edison Public libraries of 120 k people • Chairman of Entrepreneurs of USA (Group of businesspeople of USA/India) • CEO and Country Manager of CUBIX technology USA (Cybersecurity and Load balancers) • CEO and Partner of Food manufacturing and Retail business - Rotiyaa LLC, Ratalamwala LLC • Chairman of UPL - Universal Premier League Cricket USA. • CEO and Partner - HRK Global TV - International media network (22 countries) • TV/Stage Artist - USA, India • Ex. Leo/LIONS club board of director • Holding many executive positions in yearly cultural events His experience makes us bring new initiatives and grow stronger internationally.

Harsh Bais

NACHA International board as an Advisor

I was born in Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh, my mother’s family hail from Chhattisgarh, specifically from Khairagadh Raj. My maternal grandfather was a block development officer and because of his postings all around CG, I had a best opportunity to see CG from close growing up. My father was posted as a mechanical engineer with National Mineral Development Corporation and was stationed at Bailadila. I grew up in a small hamlet called Akashnagar, the place was magical. I can’t relate how different my childhood was compared to all the genZ generation. Growing up in 80’s and 90’s was a different experience. My elementary and middle school was all done at the KV, Akashnagar, we moved to KV Bacheli for my high school. I did my Bachelor of Science from Pt. Ravishankar University and was conferred a gold medal to stand first in the entire university. For my master’s program I moved to Dr. HS Gour University in Sagar, wherein I received my Master of Science in applied microbiology. Post my postgraduation degree, I moved to BITS, Pliani for my Master of Technology program in Biotechnology in 1996. I was selected as a CSIR Junior Research Fellow scholar to work for Ph.D program at Central Food Technological Research Institute. My work during my PhD program focused on researching on plant root physiology. We moved to US in 2000, post my PhD program for my Postdoctoral work at Colorado State University, Fort Collins. I continued my work on plant root behavior and ability of plants to communicate with other plants and microbes using root-derive signals. Our work was highlighted and published in many scientific journals and magazines including Washington Post and NY times. I moved to a faculty position in 2005 to University of Delaware, where I am a professor of plant and soil interface now. In last 20 years, we have published over 150 scientific journal articles in top-tier science journals. Our work also led to filing and issuance of various global patents. Some of the patents that came out of our work are now commercial technology in the agricultural sector for seed inoculums (see:; As a researcher and academician, I am also connected globally with other researchers, of late, I have started working very closely with Universities in India. As part of the Government of India, Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN) program, I was fortunate enough to interact and participate with Indian Universities and students. I was also part of the VAIBHAV program launched by Government of India, to interact with UGC to facilitate discussions for technology development in Agricultural sector.n